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long way down

That’s it; that’s the whole review.

Oh, I need to say more? Okay, um…

Okay. I got this.

…I don’t got this. I’m still in my feelings.

You know how sometimes you remember something that happened to you when you were young that at the time seemed okay but then you think harder about it as an adult and you’re like, holy shit that was actually awful, and you feel off for the rest of your life the day?

That’s how LONG WAY DOWN feels.

Jason Reynolds paints an amazing picture of just a few seconds in the life of Will, whose brother was shot as part of some gang-related violence. It’s legitimately just seconds that pass, and yet it feels like hours, days, a lifetime–and not in a bad way.

A series of poems gets us right into Will’s head, into that elevator with him, and we dread each floor down a little more than the last. The setup is brilliant. The imagery is gorgeous. I’m immensely envious at Reynolds’ ability to craft an entire setting in just a few verses.

You need to read this book. Hell I might need to read it again. But, like, later. When my heart stops hurting a little.

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