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    getting to know A8: cara edition

    Well hello there! Thanks so much for becoming a patron. We love and appreciate you so much! As such, we’re going to give you a little more insight into who we are! Get excited! This interview was conducted by none other than my partner E. E was kind enough to take some timeout to ask me questions about writing and me in general. They weren’t paid for this. Sorry, E. Anyway, here’s me! So! What was the book that made you go “I want to write!”? I genuinely don’t remember. It’s been a million years. It was something either RL Stine or Judy Blume. Which is probably a weird combination…

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    So. On 3/16, the film version of Becky Albertalli’s book SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA came out. Heh. Get it. Came out, because… Anyway. The movie, LOVE, SIMON, serves as an amazing romantic comedy with all the typical foibles of teen comedies but with a slight twist. Which, honestly, is kind of how life goes when you’re not straight. Everything’s normal until it’s not. But this isn’t about Simon. (Even though the movie is fantastic and the book is fantastic and everyone should just really indulge in both movie and book and then send Becky a ton of support because she’s such an amazing, sweet person and I’ve gotten…