sensitivity reading

So. You’ve written a novel. Great! Fantastic! Congratulations, you worked hard! But now what? Now – you edit. And a part of editing consists of making sure your characters, story, setting, etc., don’t accidentally offend or stereotype. Other people can help you out with that! They read your work, flag any potential offenses, and offer you some guidance on how to make your darling manuscript its absolute best. This is called sensitivity reading, and I’m here to do that for you. Get excited!

  • My Expertise Areas Include:
    • Blackness
    • Queerness (nonbinary/genderfluid; asexual/demisexual spectrum; pansexual)
    • Autism
    • Anxiety (generalized and social, as well as mild OCD tendencies)
    • Depression
    • ADHD
    • Giftedness/Genius
    • Any intersections of these!

I offer three different sensitivity reading options – one for before you start writing, one during, and one after. Many people opt to only receive help once they’ve completely finished their manuscript, but I’d suggest getting help along the way to relieve yourself of having to rewrite so much! However, it’s entirely up to you, and whichever you choose, I can do. So what are your options?

  • Before You Write
    • Price: $150
    • What You Get: I’ll review your synopsis/outline for you! I’ll point out any potential problems and give you advice on how you can fix them before you get in too deep with your writing. This means you’ll get a brief write-up in addition to in-line comments.
  • As You Write
    • Price: $200
    • What You Get: 4 weeks of access to me in order to pick my brain – ask questions, toss ideas around, whatever you need to craft your character! You’ll be able to email me at any time and receive a timely response so that you can make your character believable and avoid stereotypes.
  • After You Write
    • Price: $250 for manuscripts of up to 80,000 words; $50 extra per 10,000 words over 80,000
    • What You Get: A full review of your (completed, nearly query-ready) manuscript. This includes in-line comments and a 1-2 page write-up of comments and suggestions.

But what if you want some help for your whole writing journey? Great news! You can get all three options in a package deal! Receive help crafting your character, polishing your idea, and reviewing your manuscript – all for $500!

Don’t need a whole manuscript read? That’s available, too! I’ll read through shorter work/snippets of a larger work for $50 per 10,000 words.

Psst! Hey! Want TWO readers? You’re in luck! If you request, you can receive any of the above options read by both myself and Adrianne! This significantly broadens your input, as no two people experience certain labels/intersections exactly alike. With a two-for deal, the rates are:

  • Before You Write: $285
  • As You Write: $380
  • After You Write: $475 up to 80,000; $47.50 for each 10,000 words over 80,000
  • Package: $950
  • Shorts/Snippets: $47.50 per 10,000 words

Interested in making your words great? Additional questions? Email me at with “Sensitivity Read [Your Name]” in the subject line and let’s talk!

Disclaimer: All payments are due upfront. We reserve the right to refuse any manuscript that may be detrimental to our mental health. Refunds are only given in the event of refusals. Sensitivity reading will help with your words, but ultimately the author is responsible for their manuscript.