cara davis

cara davis is bad at writing biography blurbs. How long are they meant to be? Should they include things like degree information? Do people really need to know that she studied film at the University of Memphis? Or maybe they’re supposed to include hobbies? She likes photography and music…Does writing count as a hobby? Or is it more like a sad, masochistic obsession at this point? Should she talk in third person like this? It’s weird, right?


She lives in the Kansas City metro area and has one rotund cat and one slender partner. Find her on twitter – @partlycara

five facts about cara

  1. She likes popcorn more than any one human actually should. Like. Maybe she needs an intervention?
  2. Horses are definitely out to kill her. Near-death experiences involving a horse have happened twice now. The third time will not be the charm.
  3. Once in middle school, she spelled ‘warehouse’ as ‘warhose’ during a spelling bee and it has haunted her ever since.
  4. Horror movies make her happy. Her favorites are A Nightmare On Elm Street, A Tale of Two Sisters, The Descent, and One Missed Call (the original, not that American remake that we’re not going to talk about).
  5. That thing about queer people not being able to drive? Definitely true. She can’t drive. Or ride a bike. Or walk without tripping sometimes. Please put her in bubble wrap.