Adrianne Russell

Adrianne Russell wrote this bio a few times before deciding this was the one. She thinks writing about fictional people is much more fun. Somewhere around the third attempt, she said, “This is fine.” She really didn’t intend for this to rhyme. Music, movies, and writing is her thing. Her life’s ambition was to background sing.

She lives in the Kansas City metro area and has one mini-panther cat and one full-grown spouse. Find her on twitter – @writersrepublic

five facts about adrianne

  1.  As a kid, she starred in a local fast food commercial. It took forever and the hardest part was pretending the fries weren’t cold.
  2. She sometimes dreams in French and Spanish. When she wakes up, it takes a few minutes to remember English.
  3. Her brain is 98.2% song lyrics. Seriously. What is math?
  4. She is afraid of spiders and clowns. Don’t even talk about spiderclowns.
  5. She believes that naps are highly underrated.