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a place for wolves

Hey so remember when LONG WAY DOWN broke me?

A PLACE FOR WOLVES just did it again.

I finished it at about 4 this morning and immediately closed my Kindle app and sat in silence until sleep claimed me.

This is not a book for the faint of heart. But even the most sensitive among us should read it anyway.

The novel, by Kosoko Jackson, centers around James Mills, a young, gay Black boy adopted into a white family constantly on the move for philanthropic reasons. This time, they’re in Kosovo, and shit pops off almost immediately. The entire read, you’re left wondering just how bad it can get for James and his boyfriend Tomas, trapped in the crossfires of a country exploding into violence.

The answer is real bad.

Like. REAL bad.

I’ve never read anything with such an engaging amount of tension paired with an enormous amount of heart. James is sympathetic and frustrating and real. He makes ugly choices. Ones I’m not sure I could make as someone twice his age, let alone as a teen. It’s heartbreaking and tense and just…a ride.

Highly recommending this. I was tense for the entire read, but in the best way. It’s a peek into a really awful moment in history, but more importantly, it’s just a really wonderful read.

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